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The ongoing mentorship-driven course which teaches you traction while getting it.

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Do you want to learn to acquire users?

Commonly referred to as “growth hacking” you'll find this unique set of skills in people today who are getting paid hundreds of thousands in cash and equity to help acquire users for high-growth startups.

While this course is designed more towards getting that initial stream of traction, but it can also be useful to understand the quick, iterative process used by growth teams at larger tech companies like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

So how do you learn to do growth?

Well, if you think learning to “growth hack” is just about passively absorbing information – think again. Growth hackers weren’t born that way. They learned by actually doing it.

What will you get?

This "course" will teach you how to develop a high-converting landing page by actually driving traffic to it and getting feedback from instructors and a community of over 1,000 other students.

It will teach you the process of quickly iterating, and getting feedback to improve your page, all while getting users at the same time. You'll get everything you need to do it, including:

  • Step-by-step guide to conducting experiments and analyzing the highest point of leverage in your product, your home page.
  • A growing community of hundreds of fellow students who are in the same position as you.
  • Mentorship from experts who get paid tens of thousands in consulting fees to consult on user growth.
  • $300+ worth of Unbounce usage to develop quick iterations of high-quality landing pages without a technical background.
  • Links to over $300+ worth of paid advertising on Bing, Twitter, Facebook and Google.

By the end of this course “course” you will finish 1-3 projects

Project #1: Improve or develop your landing page.

This course will take you through the best content and tools I know of developing or improving your landing or homepage, one of the most common trouble areas – it's the place where most people first get to know you.

Even experts who’ve been doing this for years, get feedback on their page, and this course is the only place on the web I know of where to do it.

Can’t design and code a landing page? Don’t worry, we’ll give access to a tool called Unbounce (you get a 3-month subscription with $300+ for FREE). I’d argue that even if you can develop websites, Unbounce will allow you to quickly iterate based on data you’ve collected, which brings me to..

Once you have the page up, I’m going to get you to “thrash early” and provide a ready community of students in a similar position to you to bounce ideas off of and learn from the tests they implement.

Project #2 and #3: Acquire users through free and paid campaigns.

Beyond changes that you can do on your site and in person, we’re going to take the next level – we'll bring in users through free and paid channels. Get to this stage too early and you’ll end up wasting valuable resources, so we’ll get you here at the right time.

Who is this course for?

- This course is for anyone trying to improve their landing page, or would like to learn about how to get traction. This can include entrepreneurs, product managers and marketers.

If you’re looking to get hired at a startup, they’re not going to ask you what your certification is. A startup is going to ask you what you’ve actually done and how did you think about solving problems to get results.

Your Instructor

Conrad Wadowski
Conrad Wadowski

Welcome to the GrowHack Subscription, the leading source of information for repeatable growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I going to be a “growth hacker” after this class?
Not a chance. But you sure as heck will be a lot closer than you were before. Are you in the trenches trying to grow the user base of a product? You can use this "course" to actually deliver results and get feedback on your approach. Are you looking for a job? This course will give you a case study that you can show off your skills.
Who developed the course and is involved in teaching?
Your instructors include Conrad Wadowski who consults with Series-A funded companies and Quotidian Ventures in NYC. The curriculum was also developed with Ankur Nagpal, a viral marketing expert who knows the process well. Ankur was the largest individual developer in the history of the Facebook platform, with a reach of upwards of 200M users.
Do I need to have a product of my own?
Nope. If you do have one, that’s great and you can build a lot of cool stuff for it. If not, no big deal, we will assign you something to grow.
Do I have to be technical to take this course?
Absolutely not. Every tool we add to this class is designed to be used by people with no programming background.
Do these principles apply outside the Unites States?
Definitely. This process has been replicated all around the world.
Can you tell me more about this approach to learning about growth?
Hacking your traction comes down to being able to systematically: 1. Set clear goals 2. Form ideas on how to hit those goals 3. Test those ideas 4. Learn from those tests 5. Repeat Many people get stuck on one or many of these steps. For a few, they'll get through it, but it takes months to do a single pass. This is too slow in the quickly changing online world.
Do you have a guarantee?
Yes, you have a full 30-day happiness guarantee for the course.
I want to know more about what this course.
Short of the above, shoot a note over to

Why are we teaching this class?

One word. Impact.

Instead of getting paid to grow products through consulting fees, what would happen if I gave you the tools and critical feedback you need to do it yourself? How many thousands of products can we create an impact on?

Here are some of the results from a few students:

"we changed the copy and added email and LinkedIn registration (see attached) and increased our conversion rate for the Landing Page from 3% to 18%."
-Pauline, Student in Learn by Doing

"Was able to get 3,000 views in a little over an hour."
- Brandon Pindulic, Student in Learn by Doing

"In just one day, I got 19 conversions on my website without spending anything."
- George Liu, Student in Learn by Doing. George is also an intern with us and put together a detailed case study on creating a page that converts.

Not a lot of people get a chance to work with us in this way and in the end, there's an incredible amount we can all learn from each other.

In either case, you have a 100% happiness guarantee, so what are you waiting for?

See you inside.

Conrad Wadowski

P.S. Are you looking for more personalized mentorship for you growth? While this course will give you everything you need to think critically about your landing page and growth process, our GrowHack Subscription for $69 a month will give you access to the quality courses, discounts ($1,200 value) and the ability to ask some of the top domain experts for direct feedback.

For real-time feedback, I also offer a Growth Coaching $249 a month subscription which includes time with me every week. All part of the mission to get you to a million users.

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